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Calibrated anemometer NRG #40C

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Please check the lead times below at overview information

This product has 4-6 weeks lead time and requires specific connectors. Please contact us before the purchase.

Constructed of rugged Lexan cups molded in one piece for repeatable performance. Includes calibration certificate.

A four-pole magnet induces a sine wave voltage into a coil producing an output signal with frequency proportional to wind speed. The #40C is constructed of rugged Lexan cups molded in one piece for repeatable performance. A rubber terminal boot is included.

This anemometer is often used for wind resource assessment for wind turbines, they are 1% accuracy and have a resolution better than 0.1m/s to match the IEC-61400-12 standards for wind measurement and wind turbine performance analysis.

The #40C anemometers are manufactured with exceptional quality control meeting new standards- all units are tested mechanically and electronically before shipping.

This anemometer is compatible with our GSM wind monitoring system only

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