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LeWL Windlogger vs WindTracker

LeWL WindLogger vs WindTracker, what are the differences?


See below for table comparison:


LeWL WindLogger




Number of wind sensors

2 anemometers + wind vane

1 anemometers + wind vane

Setup for sensors

Via text file or setup program

Via Text file (Sensor m/s to Hz)

Recording interval

1 minute or 10 minutes (10 seconds for testing)

Statistics are recorded on MCU, no need for SD card

Data recorded

Wind speed: Average, maximum and standard deviation.

Wind direction: More recurrent wind direction

Temperature: Optional external temperature sensor

Average wind speed

Frequency distribution

Frequency Wind Rose

Data files produced

Monthly files in CSV format

Single TXT file

Battery Life

Recommended 9 months, expected 2 years

Up to 11 years

Analysis Tool

Excel Template or Java tool

(Excel video or Java tool video)

Online analysis tool 

(see video tutorial)

Intended use

Semi professional and technical hobbyist with some technical and analytical skills

End consumer looking to find if their land is suitable for a small wind turbine

Price starting from: new WindLogger data logger  new WindTracker data logger
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