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Wind Speed Outdoor Display

Please check the lead times below at overview information

This product is customized and requires specific clarification. Please contact us before the purchase.

  • Buy online here

    Outdoor Wind Speed Display 

    Ensure Site Safety for Construction and Crane sites

    Site specific detailed live and historical wind speed records and reporting, shared in real time with your staff and customers.

    Please note this is the Display Only prices, which can be an addition to our Incrane systems. For more info on InCrane system , please visit our page. 

  • WINDCRANE Outdoor Display comes with:

    Rated IP65

    Number of Digits: 4 Digit Colour: Red, outdoor brightness

    Power: 110Vac mains power required

    Mounting: Stainless steel wall mounting brackets

    3 year manufacturer warranty

  • See the video where we test display before dispatching to the clients.

  • You can find more information at its dedicated website 

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